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'Our core values ensure you're getting the best from the best!'

How your tea looks and tastes has a lot to do with where it's from. For example, Japan makes almost entirely green tea, while India produces mostly black tea. Taiwan specializes in oolong while various regions in China grow green, black and oolong teas.

Think of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® as your window to the world. Let the invigorating aromas and flavors of our teas evoke the exotic plantations of Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Kenya, and the lush estates of China, Taiwan and Japan.

So, how do we choose a grower? That's easy -- by sticking with our core values as a company that prides two things above all else. The first is the world-class quality of the estate's tea, and the other is the well-being of its workers. We work closely with the farms and estates where our whole leaf teas are grown to ensure fair wages and a quality working environment for their workers.

We also love that many of these estates practice environmental sustainability. Our partners in Thailand use peanut shells and grass to cover exposed land and strive to educate younger generations about the importance of land preservation. In Brazil and Sri Lanka, our partners actively contribute to rainforest preservation.

The well-being of tea growers and our planet are every bit as important to us as the superb quality of the teas we buy. In every sip of our tea, you're not only enjoying the best from every corner of the world, you're also helping to provide sustainable livelihoods for those who produce your tea, and the earth in which it's been grown.