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Fun Facts

The world get its tea bible 

Tea cupping or sensory evaluation is a process of utilizing human senses to appreciate and evaluate tea. Because quality can vary depending on its origin and the way tea is processed, tea buyers use this technique to determine quality and compare teas. Tea cupping is not just for tea professionals; tea enthusiasts often cup to deepen their appreciation for teas.

Black Dragon: The Legend Begins 

Oolong tea, or otherwise known as Black Dragon tea, has a special place in Chinese lore, as numerous legends lay claim to its origin. a popular one tells how the owner of a tea estate got so scared by black snake slithering through his drying field, that he ran away. Several days later, the owner returned to the field and found that the tea leaves, having been basking in the sun, had all turned a rich dark color. After brewing the leaves, he took a sip of the enchanting new concoction - and the rest is Oolong history!

The most famous hunt in Oolong history! 

Another Oolong origin story goes that the tea was named after a tea farmer named Wu Liang - a name that evolved into Wu Long or Oolong over time. Hard at work in his tea fields one day, We Liang spotted a deer. Excited bu the discovery, Wu Liang dropped his load of leaves, and went off to hunt and prepare a meal out of the deer. A day or so passed before Wu Liang remembered about his tea leaves which, by now, had darkened out in the sun. Wu Liang brewed the leaves anyway, and was so delighted by the mellow, aromatic liquid sensation that he promptly shared the tea with his friends, neighbors, countrymen... until the whole world came to know the everlasting charms of oolong.

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