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And Roasting Completes the Magic

Coffee lovers are all familiar with the light to dark spectrum of shades that coffees come in. Those gradations in shade are the result of the coffee's roasting process. Your favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, offerings may range in color from the earthy greens of the lighter roasts to the chocolaty browns of the darker varieties.

Roasting emulsifies and caramelizes the sugars inside the coffee beans, drawing the sugars out as coffee oils onto the surface of the beans. The oils are what give coffee beans their shine, while the roasting itself is what gives coffee its intensity of flavor and more robust body.

How your coffee looks and tastes all finally comes down to the duration of the roast: As a rule of thumb, the longer the roast, the darker and shinier the coffee. A lightly roasted coffee will retain its original green color, and will boast a bright, crisp, and complex palate of flavors with hints of the weather and soil that evoke the coffee's earthy, agricultural heritage. While darker roasts don't bear the complexity and variety of flavor, they've got the intensity and aromas, imbued by the roasting process, and which we associate with fuller bodied coffees.

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