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On the Delicious Art of Coffee Cupping

Before one of our delicious blends finds its way to your cup, it's first got to pass the test in one of ours.

Cupping is the industry method of tasting a sample of coffee, scrutinizing it for the coffee's acidity, aroma, body and flavor. Each coffee is usually cupped with multiple samples to compare its quality and cross checked for consistency.

The cupping process starts with adding boiling water to freshly ground coffee and letting it steep for 2-3 minutes. After clearing the floating coffee grounds, the next step is to taste coffee by taking a spoonful and slurping it rapidly, so that it fills all parts of the tongue. This allows the taster to sample the coffee's full profile, from aroma to flavor and finish, all in one rapid action.

The official green coffee buyer of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, is Jay Isais, a coffee guru who cups all coffees that we purchase to ensure that it meets the flavor profile and standards that we expect from our products. Each year, Jay cups and tastes approximately 10,000 samples of coffee so, on the subject of how great coffee ought to taste, he's the bona fide industry master.

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