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Blending and Flavour

Another Dimension in Coffee Enjoyment

Blending enables us to match coffees of complementary tastes to create new, unexpected harmonies. Additionally, blending different variety of roasts together can reveal invigorating new avenues of taste, aroma and flavor to explore.

For example, a coffee blend that consists of a light roast and a medium to dark roast captures a broader spectrum of flavor not found in single origin coffees. The lighter roast contributes complexity and brightness while the darker roast adds a level of intensity to the overall taste of the blend.

At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, we do not believe in batch roasting. In fact, each origin coffee is individually roasted to its optimum level at our roasting facility before they are combined to create the final blend.

In addition to blending, flavoring can be a delightful way to add your confection to your favorite beverage. Flavored coffee made its way to the coffee world in the 70s and really gained momentum in the 80s. Flavored coffee does not contain additional calories or sugars and is considered a guiltless treat!

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